Gail Sher • Dharma Talks


Mentoring from a Buddhist Perspective

I am now offering short-term Mentoring-from-a-Buddhist-Perspective via phone and Zoom on a donation basis. My many years practicing Zen, Tibetan Buddhism and yoga, teaching the practice of psychotherapy to graduate students,  and supervising clinicians in training,  have given me many tools to help people spiritually.  If you know of someone who is drawn toward a spiritual practice but doesn’t know how to organize their life around one, please give them my contact information (below).

Please note: This is an offer for short-term mentoring (spiritual counseling), not psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy and spiritual counseling go well together,  but sometimes a person needs one more than the other. If I sense that therapy would be more immediately useful, I will offer suggestions to find the correct modality for an individual’s  growth and development.

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